English instructions for internship

We only accept requests of students from partner institutions with the UFSC. See the list of partner institutions at the SINTER (Office of  International Affairs of the UFSC) at the: http://sinter.ufsc.br/convenios/instituicoes-conveniadas/ 

In order to request an internship here on the Medicine Course at the Universitary Hospital (HU) or any primary care unit, the student have to send an e-mail to medicina.estagios@contato.ufsc.br with four documents: (check HERE the list of available areas)

  • Request Letter (signed by the student, with the period – duration and date – the área of interest  and the E-MAIL of the student –  FOR MORE THAN ONE AREA OF INTEREST, THE STUDENT NEED TO SEPARATELY DO ONE REQUEST LETTER FOR EACH AREA) (ONLY IN PDF). ATTENTION: The students who request periods inside our calendar will have preference with their requests. (check the dates at http://www.medicina.ufsc.br/?page_id=301 );
  • Letter of Recommendation signed by the Dean of the Medicine Course (or the university); (ONLY IN PDF);
  • Student Record; (ONLY IN PDF);
  • Copy of the passport showing the register number. (ONLY IN PDF)

At this e-mail, the student must inform an address that is able to receive mail.

If the Student gets accepted by the preceptor of the desired area, we will send an acceptation letter by mail, which will serve to obtain VISA STUDENT at the Brazilian consulate in his/her country and to acquire the INSURANCE AGAINST PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH AND DISABILITY, WITH COVERAGE FOR FUNERAL REPATRIATION;

With the acceptance letter, student visa and insurance, the student have to contact SINTER at exchange.sinter@contato.ufsc.br to define the date of the presentation BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF HIS/HER INTERNSHIP. Arriving in Florianópolis, the first step at UFSC is to go to SINTER (first floor on the  “nova reitoria” of the UFSC), which will include the visiting student at the graduation system.

Then, the student have to go to the Medicine Course, which will do the student registration at the discipline of the area of interest.

At the end of the internship, the student can show to SINTER a proof of negative charges in the universitary library, and then, the SINTER will send the certificate of the interntship by mail.

( Resquests that don’t follow this steps above WILL NOT BE VERIFIED)